The happy place

This here is the space into which I put some of the thoughts which have been piling up inside my head. Mostly mundane stuff as I am not that original

The global push back for remote work is comparable to what happened to the women after they took part of the workforce during the great world wars, but the cat is out of the box, and when the recession ends like it always does, it will put an end to the fool policies by micro management and control freaks.

Today I witnessed such an object: the HP laser printer. Some consumer type model which was plugged into the PC with an USB cable, but which had suddenly stopped mid print, shining an amber light.

Apparently the fool thing will only print out error diagnostic printouts until it is connected to the wi-fi.

It’s got toner and paper, is detected by the PC, it can obviously print, but until it can reach the Internet, either through Ethernet or Wi-Fi, it will consume the printing queue into the void.

There’s some pure evil going on at HP in the consumer printer department: Destroy the environment by creating such godforsaken products; greedy fingers reaching into the consumers WI-FI for some dubious purposes with one hand, groping for their wallets with the other, holding their products hostage until they get their dirty way.

It’s greed.

A death sin.

Likely it needs to be on the Internet so that HP can make it stop working at will.

Not only is this satanic machine consumer hostile, it’s also a really shitty product: Fingering it the way stipulated in the manual does not make it reconnect and print. It’s just stuck in a loop of some sort; the firmware as corrupted as whoever wrote it.

This printer is a manifestation of moral bankruptcy, and it’s fascinating in a way: It’s a creation of the same type of perverted mind who designed those medieval torture instruments you can see on display in the “Museum Of Torture Instruments“ in Tallinn.

I really like Tallinn!

I went running after all thru some mighty force of will I went in the sleet and ran like something slow like a tank or something, something with lots of fuel like a WW2 battleship, and it helped get rid of the darkness which has been marinating in me.

I think I sweated it out, cause my wife said I stank like a wet dog when I got back, and me not having any sense of smell I took her word for it and will let clothes soak in vinegar.

Allegedly that helps remove the stink of inner darkness.

Today it’s looking bad for my planned run as I don’t have no snowshoes and it’s starting to get a bit deep.

Too bad too bad.

Aah to feel the life in me, what a blessing isn’t that?

Right now I should be asleep but amn’t, and it probably is my own fault, but it doesn’t feel like it, cause I have been trying for hours.

Likely it’s cause I’m powered by some very high performance engines like a nuclear submarine, and to bring such a mighty system to a full stop every night just isn’t feasible.

It could also be (and this explanation I don’t like as much) that I’m somewhat neurotic.

Probably it’s a little bit of both.

A comfort I have to hold on to, anyway, is that I’m awesome.

I’ve got a nice dog who is both small and cute. She’s always there for me when I need her, which is always.

I always need her.

If a song ever had sage advice in the lyrics, it’s “Keep 'Em on They Toes” by “Brent Cobb”.

I heard that track, really heard it, when I was out jogging and it struck me how true it rang.

If you ever grow up  One thing you'll find  Most people that you meet  Just about out their mind

They try to tell you how to live  They try to tell you how to die  They tell you don't get too low, but don't get too high  Best thing you can do is don't listen too close  Walk on to your own beat  Keep 'em on they toes

Truer words I’ve never heard spoken or sang.

This is very conclusive with what I’ve experienced and thought in my own head: feeling the tug of all people trying to influence every decision and thought up here in my brain. Big and small.

somewhere in there is my own voice, but can it be distinguished from all the other noice up there?

Well hello there

I’m living in the now, now, listening to the Phantom of the Opera and yes it is a masterpiece.

Laying on the bed with the cats (I’m very allergic) and hoping that everything in the world will be better soon.

Feeling very content.

Life is very fine in moments like this and by writing this down I hope to be able to conjure again this special feeling or at least to be able to remind myself of these moments which are worth living for.

Ok take care

This day will never come back.

It’s spent. One day closer to death.

Good riddance.

Can’t wait for this work week to be over so I can do some fun stuff.

Like one example could be to sleep. And then do some various choirs in the house.

I’m also planning to drink some strong coffee.

I should do some stuff which makes me happy too; I’ll go for a run listening to some upbeat music.

Yep some sleep, a long run, some coffee and upbeat music. I need that.

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody here I got love enough to go round 🫶 especially to the lonesome and heartbroken 💔. For you it may be some comfort that I saw on a TV show “Romanovs” that the heart is much like a bone, it’ll heal back stronger 💪💪💪 so hang in there, ok?

It doesn’t feel so bad today even though everything is almost exactly the same as it was yesterday, isn’t that something? Some imbalance in the yin yang and then it can feel bad for no apparent reason. What is that?

Nothing new to report. Boards of Canada you say? Only listened to Roygbiv. Felt really clever when I figured out it was the colours of the rainbow.

Ok have it so nice and I’ll write more soon ✌️

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