Wonders at your feet

hello hello well met !

I saw a fox just now, scurrying across the fields into the forest. Like a quick brown fox (except this one was red).

That’s a fine sight, foxes are graceful creatures. Fine sight at least as far away from our chicken as we are now, because the foxes spell doom for them: Our neighbours one day forgot to close the hatch and a fox got into their pen. It must’ve been a sorry sight when going there the morning after to discover all of them chickens dead in pools of feathers and blood, unseeing eyes looking back at them and so forth.

That’s the type of mistake you make only once I think.

Anyhow nature’s beauty with foxes and roe deers and lynxes prowling and the like is a miracle in its own right, and we should be lucky to share the earth with such magnificent creatures I think.

But of course the lesson is that they are all ruthless in their struggle to survive and feed their families (don’t know if I would count the deers among the ruthlessest animals or not, but you’ve bound to have some thick skin to survive the harsh and dangerous winters)