Two recent dreams

Last night I dreamt we were some people who were going to move something or code something and it was colleges. Maybe we were in a boat or a hotel and/or maybe we were in Italy. It was a work trip.

We were all going out to do something with something and when we left I realised I had no shoes on, so I went back looking, but all of my shoes were gone. I dreamt I had brought three pairs.

I was looking everywhere and I thought I spotted thru the handle hole a pair of my crocs at the bottom of a big box (this did not make sense as handle holes are placed near top not bottom of boxes, just showcases how surreal dreams can be), but when I started digging they were not in there, so I started looking for shoes of my size but they were all one size too small and I picked out a pair of black sneakers with red detailing but they turned into those five finger shoes, you know the type which have individual toe compartments. Furthermore they turned to socks.

Anyhow by that time the others were all back at the hotel or boat room and I knew someone had hidden all my shoes.

Not precisely a nightmare but creepy as why would anyone do that?

The night before that dream, or if it was two nights, doesn’t matter, I dreamt that I was making pancakes but one of the eggs had a chicken carcass in it and what is remarkable about that dream is that it seemed to follow very closely me falling asleep as it woke me up and the audiobook was still on.