Today I felt a feeling

today I felt three smells:

First one was from the pasta salad I had for lunch. It was the paprika: The Red one. Love that smell.

Second was from when lawn mowing. It was gasoline. That’s a great smell. I Love the smell of gasoline.

Third was from myself, the hoodie is now in the wash basket. Sweat smell carries signals which serve multitudes of purposes allegedly. Smelt nice in a slightly disgusting way the same way a fart sometimes smells like freshly baked pizza.

Now it’s gone again, the sense of smell, but it makes me happy to know that I do smell stuff sometimes; maybe one day it’ll come back completely.

It’s easy to draw parallels to how Nynaeve feels when trying to channel the One power, though this is probably not a mental block, and I don’t get it back only when angry and so maybe it’s a terrible comparison, but it felt like I could tap into some or other power when I smelt the red paprika.

I do smell more often than I smell though hehe.

Anyhow this is a good day, not only did I smell three smells, but also I took the day off, because I thought my BFF was gonna come, but he comes tomorrow. We bought gasoline, a fishing rod and a toaster, cause that’s how the day started: some part of the breakfast bread got stuck in the old toaster which started to smoke ominously.

Burnt smoke rising from the toaster was not one of the three smells I smelt.

Then we’ve been moving stuff, I’ve been putting up colourful ribbons to dissuade the raptors from predating on my turkeys and it looks very festive.

I love the turkeys, won’t be able to eat them. I love them too much.

PS. I lied about the hoodie, I’m still wearing it it’s just cozy.