The yin comes with the yang

Have you ever heard Elvis? He’s actually pretty good.

Especially the one I like to call “Devil in the sky” mmHmm. It’s a timeless classic about how looks deceive.

Yesterday I had this super intensive headache all day. It’s like that a few times each month or so. Likely it’s cause I think so much. My brain is too small for all of my big thoughts, and it’s imprisoned by my skull and this creates of course this pressure from time to time. That’s the scientific explanation.

It’s like that that you have to pay a price for all things.

The yin comes with the yang.

One exception to this rule is my handsome looks. I payed nothing for them.

Maybe in a past life or in the next one or in the hereafter.

Maybe the price I pay is I become a devil in the sky.