Summary of past half well

I have got curly hair now, because the day before yesterday I think my wife braided my hair and now I’ve let it all out and I look very beautiful in a slightly funny way.

It’s only temporary.

(Everything is.)

The guests have left, after creating many strong memories in my head for which I am glad.

We for example went fishing, using my new fishing rod I was close to catching the biggest pike I ever saw, like some feral beast of legend: pikes are some sort of nightmare fuel with their mean teeth and big mouths and this one looked like it could’ve swallowed my hand, that’s how big and mean it looked, but last minute it broke free and I almost felt relieved because it would’ve rattled the boat to the point of capsizing it, had I managed to hoist it up there.

Another example is we had coffee in the egg shaped sofas.

I’ve got few friends I can be just silent with because generally speaking I cannot differentiate awkward silence from regular silence and thus I keep talking to fill the void. The exception being in the mornings before I have fully booted, at which point I do not always even realise if someone tries talking to me.

but my BFF can be silent for a long time, without anything amiss. Presumably he’s looking at the game cameras in his mobile phone, spotting different kinds of deers which all look the same to me. That’s a nice thing I think.

So there we sat all silent sipping coffee in the egg shaped sofas, surrounded by turkeys just being themselves, having a good time.

When turkeys copulate, it’s a very graceless thing to behold: the tom climbs onto the twice as small hen and stands there for two to three minutes, just trying to find his balance, moving his feet, swaying to and fro with a look of deep concentration on his face, until finally he finds it and then two seconds later they are done and the hen rises and shakes her feathers and that’s that.

Anyhow did I write that I was gonna start making dream catchers? I feel compelled to do that, me being so spiritual and artistic and whatnot.

I feel compelled.

I’ve already started collecting a big assortment of feathers, now I just need to figure out what types of rings to use, but I am confident it will come to me in due time.

Think even the rugged feathers will do, especially the weather worn feathers, they have this wabi sabi type of beauty to them, like a scarred face they sometimes can be more beautiful than a regular one.

Ok thanks for reading!!