My first day as the scrum master

My first day as the scrum master went without incident. Following the agile manifesto and/or handbook I empowered my colleagues to take action and decisions by letting one of them share the board so that I could focus on my mobile game.

It was a win win for all involved parties.

I then promptly went and drew up some architecture diagrams for a PowerPoint presentation I tossed together just like that. A lot of shapes and arrows and a gray metallic like background and so forth. Synth gray like from a 2010:s EBM album like some Suicide Commando or Project Pitchfork album.

Making PowerPoint presentations and creating software architecture diagrams and flowcharts really does appeal to my artistic side and today I had a tinge of darkness added to the mix with the gray background I just described.

Thanks to office suite’s powerful clip art gallery, I crowned the piece by adding a Dick Tracy like secret agent black and white artwork to the first page to give a feeling that I was debriefing some secret agents like MI7.

Needless to say the presentation was a big hit which left some of my colleagues stunned and at loss for words. I picture it now how they talked amongst themselves about that which they just witnessed after I thanked for everyones time and left them awestruck: It was more of a PowerPoint backed spoken word show than a regular presentation.

Then I sent some messages left and right and that was basically it.

Tomorrow I’ll make my favourite joke that next stand up we should have a roast instead.

The best thing about changing jobs is that nobody will have heard any of my jokes.