Morning thoughts

I’m awake now I’m the sun sitting in the egg shaped couch thing opposite the hammock with my turkeys and my chickens and having a mighty fine time.

It’s midsummer and the other humans are inside, sleeping I believe; having arrived either very late or else very early.

I’m pretty glad they are sleeping, cause then I can have this small moment for myself with the turkeys and chickens and my thoughts for company in the pleasant morning sun.

I’m listening to Current 93 getting flashbacks from when I was young and beautiful in a more elvish way than the rugged slightly lumberjack way I am beautiful now. The Bloodbells Chime. This produces memories for some reason of Magic: the gathering and some people I used to like and probably still do, but who are no longer friends as our ways parted somewhere sometime twenty years ago.

I’m wearing my new socks my wife ordered for me (I forgot to mention them yesterday) and it’s the only white piece of clothing I’ve got, being as I am, as we are in my family, dressed in black.

The music and the way my thoughts are leading me to some dark frame of mind is my signal to cancel the couch sitting and go put some coffee on.