Meat loaf bat out of hell II

When I was a young man my mum gave me the “Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell” CD for Christmas one year, and it blew me away; the cover is awesome: Some dude flying on a motorcycle rescuing some sort of woman stuck on a tall building from what I assume is the Bat Out Of Hell himself, looming ominously in the background; just wow!

There was one track on there which really resonated with me, it’s “Life Is A Lemon And I Want My Money Back”. Lyrics-wise I felt this track was very on point in most regards, especially this about school:

What about your school It's defective It's a pack of useless lies

There are other powerful messages in that song about love being defective and hope too (and the future, you can shove the future up your ass), which also struck a chord in me because I was in a dark place back then, but still to this day I consider this song a masterpiece. An awesome song, maybe one of the best ones ever made.

Life ain’t so bad for me now though (peppar peppar), for I’ve learned to make lemonade.