It’s nice to be alive!!

Weekend was a whirlwind of tasks done such as using the special grass cutter, the special lawn mower, painting using some very special paint for the facade, same special but different paint inside for the stairwell. Special gutter construction and the special asphalt paint for some of the outside stuff need protection from the rain and other water sources. All special.

Like a special top performer.

Now attending my daily stand up; they want more metrics.

Metrics are a fine thing, but like I don’t need to gather no metrics to know that if I fly into the sun, I will die.

Some people seem to use metrics as a substitute for common sense hehe but each of us are created differently and I find myself apathetic about the whole thing so remain silent.

Also OK, this is a short (work) week will be having my BFF in the whole world over will talk about such things with him.

It’s Monday so for sure now I’ll need to top up my ☕️ coffee!!