Hello dear

I couldn’t care less if people wore socks during summer; they might have goat “hooves” in them for all I know, which makes sense to hide because one may be self conscious about such a thing, or else simply don’t want attention drawn to that whenever venturing outside.

Anyhow what can I say about these past few days except the sun has been blazing outside pleasantly but I’ve been confined mostly inside during the days working at my desk in the cool indoors environment.

I’ve almost got a negative motivation score at work. It feels like it’s far below zero anyhow. Felt like climbing a mountain to get to the aws console login page, and what is the account number? A joke is what it is: 13-16 digits ??? It’s not meant for humans to input it’s a number for machine to machine communication I think.

I’m far away from being a machine because of my high EQ.

I saw about a college having a prosperous career as an OpenVMS expert and that felt very reassuring because I’ve been questioning for how long I can go on working with the Java.

I appreciate many things about java: the new (since java 8) time API, with ZonedDateTimes which handles DST when adding days, the stream API, I like generics even though I know it’s not exclusive to java, I really used to think CompletableFutures was neat but now I’m working in coroutines mostly and the various flow apis Kotlin has. I used to think of kotlin like a Java with uglier syntax, but now I think instead it is really neat and prefer it even to java.

Anyhow I’m up to a lot of stuff but I don’t want to write about it: I don’t wanna jinx nothing and is premature.