Dear diary

I’ve spent my waken time this weekend mostly outside doing stuff.

Now I’ve got this tired feeling which feels pretty good, even though I know I’ll be working tomorrow. I’ll be a scrum master this next week (that means I’ll be sharing my screen presenting the jira scrum board. (I must not forget to put „scrum master“ on LinkedIn.))

I’ve not started no new jobs yet, likely that will be after vacations. Therefore nobody knows nothing yet about that I’ll be quitting. Or some people do, they are in my circle of trust. So basically everyone except the manager.

I don’t enjoy disappointing people and since I’m such a great guy, it’ll be a hard blow for sure when I drop the bomb, and maybe having it dragged out like this hasn’t been optimal for my well being, because my strategy, apart from being strange, is to face my problems head on immediately and deal with any and all consequences as soon as possible, so that I may put it behind me. Like Solomon Kane.

Here I am ill adviced to do any rash thing before I have my future more clear as I have such a short notice period and for all I know they could end me prematurely and thus could create a vacuum in between jobs which I would rather avoid because I’ve got expenses.

We’re planning vacations