Day two and three as the scrum master

Today as a scrum master I missed the standup completely, as I did yesterday.

That’s taking delegation up a notch.

Then we had some sort of planning/grooming. I quickly zoned out but was nevertheless able to estimate accurately all the story points.

Five here and eight there.

Then I worked on some incidents. That’s when you truly feel alive. It’s the kick that draws thrill seeking daredevils like me to ops work. It’s the danger. And the investigative detective’s work. Like Poirit.

Then I reviewed a PR laden with badly written code in which I left a lot of constructive and helpful feedback, always respectful and thought through.

Then I saw that very same PR merged moments later and I found that very amusing, because I may not care overmuch about the well being of the place I’m at right now, so I have a certain healthy distance.

Here’s my life hack: When something pops up I ask myself “do I have to care about this or that?”, 99% the answer is no.

Then I worked on some cluster and that’s it.

Two days of adding value like a motherfucker!!