Couldn’t think of a good title for this one

I’m fed up with food. Having a great time in my own imagination, laying in the sofa, thinking on life and stuff and wondering whether I put the coffee on or if that too was in my imagination only, but I see traces of ground coffee in my thumb so leaning towards that I’ve actually put it on. All this while my body is absorbing the food and filling me with energy.

Learned today that I’m a top performer. Wouldn’t’ve guessed that though I know I have a formidable mind and a very high speed.

I’m actually pretty fast when I do stuff: pretty fast and mostly right is my mantra.

Or well it’s not not really it’s more to be kind or something about being kind and honest or something like that but it’s not like I lay on sofa all day thinking about mantras. No I’m laying here wondering about whether I put the coffee on.