Bad omens

Yesterday a hen threw up on my shoulder. She was sitting on a shelf and she looked me in the eye, and then stone faced she puked something white and that was I think some feed back or something, not sure; don’t wanna read too much into it, but it felt like a bad omen.

Then today I was defeated by the door. First the handle was sort of wobbly and that may be due to that rod thing in the centre, connecting the handles on either side, being too short. They put a too short rod in there. What happens then is rod goes too deep into either handle and then the other one, not having enough rod, becomes wobbly and sooner or later unable to open door with.

Last time I fixed that it was by stuffing some styrofoam on each handle connector but that proved to be a temporary fix due to compaction, so this time I put some small gravel rocks in there instead. It took me one hour or more to put it back together because of the weird misshapen screws used to fasten the whole thing with, and by that time I felt deflated.

I’m pretty sure I broke something in there in the process. Something insignificant I hope.

Then I realised I’d put the fool thing upside down: The handle now seems to smirk at me and this is the type of thing I can appreciate in ten years, but now it just feels ominous: first the chicken puke and now this situation with the upside down handle.

Upside down that’s a bad omen for sure.

Luck ran out, number of the beast: those sorts of things are not far fetched associations.

If this is a dark time, then how come I feel so good?

Something don’t add up.

Speaking of omens: Good Omens: I didn’t quite enjoy that one. The TV show was good, but the book I didn’t like at all.

That’s upside down too?