About the weather VI

It’s raining angrily outside, thunder rumbling in the sky covered with great white benevolent-looking clouds. Such a contrast.

Like the clouds in my little pony all mostly white looking like cotton candy. Equestrian.

And it’s pleasantly warm too!

Very awe inspiring and contrast rich weather with bright flashes of lightning, like God is taking pictures of something or something.

We are sitting in mums pergola which isn’t a pergola but rather some sort of wooden frame with a roof on. Sheltered from the rain you hear it smattering on the roof while being very very dry, sipping cava.

One hen has got bandaged feet, she looks like Michel Jackson or some type of 80’s bad boy (the type with jeans jackets). There is some sort of claw infection we been treating her daily because she is such a sweetheart.

I’m such a failure as a poultry farmer that I’ll end up a vegetarian.

I don’t look like Michel Jackson, I’m more sun tanned looking like fried pork.