A lovely luncheon shaded by the pergola which is not a pergola

Well hello hello

Today my wife and I went to lunch together to eat some bolognese.

We’d put our turkey tom Carrot in solitary confinement temporarily due to him accidentally spraining the hens legs during lovemaking so that they all walk with a slight limp.

He is a very kind and gentle individual with sad eyes, very beautiful coat of feathers like brown metallic with some deep green tendencies over white brown sections and finally one layer near the tip of his wings which looks like stracciatella ice cream, you know the vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate crumbs or dust in it which the Italians are so famous for. Absolutely beautiful.

Gentle but big and clumsy so to let the hens recover we have him temporarily in one barn while we prepare a type of lodging for him so that he can be with his flock but anyhow all of this is beside the point.


So we were having lunch in mums pergola which isn’t a pergola but rather some type of sunroof with a hammock and a table and some chairs etc. there we sat for lunch to keep Carrot company and we brought our dog and our cat showed up too. One of them did.

We sat there like it was like a Disney movie with all of those animals keeping us company; the turkey gobbling in concert with the little dog’s high pitched barks whenever a car drove by while the cat was asleep on a couch which I didn’t write about but which is also inside the pergola.

We had a lovely time talking about death. Death doesn’t scare my wife but it’s I think my top one fear, maybe because I love life so much, maybe cause I cling to it and think of all the dangers out there and try to hold on to what I got. It’s the ephemeral nature of all things which is why I try to carpe diem; to sieze the day.

Today I was successful.