5 seconds

woke up just now from a short nap. Listening to cortex think it’s great. Was reading chronicles of the black company but not really caught on yet it’s a bit of a strange book that one, so should probably be good.

I’m a little bit like a black mamba: all you feel is the bite without rattles or anything like that which other snakes may do. No I’m a man of action and no ceremony just like a lightning bolt from a clear sky, like a wizards lightning bolt (with a silent invocation or else it wouldn’t be so very unexpected.)

Actually on second thought I’m more like a rattlesnake cause I have no poker face to hide behind and that’s what people like about me, that I mean what I say and say what I mean without being mean.

Sometimes I feel like a woven basket. Empty. People will try to pour wisdom into it, but it all runs out leaving nothing but a mess.


Anyway Monday fine. All is good sun is up everywhere and everything is more or less the same as yesterday and now it’s time to play some computer games.